DAREBEE is a crowd-funded website which means that all the funds we raise go back into the resource. Since everything DAREBEE releases is already available for free and the website has no ads it relies exclusively on user-donations to stay up and develop further. If we don’t receive enough donations and cannot cover our maintenance expenses and developmental needs for a prolonged period of time and fail to raise sufficient funding, eventually, DAREBEE will cease to exist.

At the moment, DAREBEE has three funds: current, developmental & emergency. 

Current fund is used for recurring expenses like bills, hosting fees, supplies, maintenance & repair needs. It’s a fund that keeps us going throughout the day, month & year. It is always in use. 

Developmental fund is used for non-emergency improvements and, when there are no volunteers to help, services we have to outsource. When and if we manage to have a good month and raise extra from what we need, it goes towards development. That’s money we can invest to improve the resource, make it and everything it has to offer better. 

“Break the glass in case of emergency” is where our last hope is. When we are running short on funds and there is nothing left in the current box, the developmental fund is the first one to be emptied. If that fails, we have the emergency fund to fall back on. It exists so DAREBEE doesn’t just go offline. It ensures there is a period of grace and a chance to do something about it. 

If you want to see how DAREBEE is currently doing you can check our funding status. It is displayed at the bottom of the website under the donation notice. 

What our funding status means

Critical status is only assigned at a time of emergency either when we cannot cover urgent bills or can predict funding shortage shortly and must raise a certain amount for the resource to be safe. We try to avoid changing the status to critical because we know how unnerving it is to see, we feel the same way about it. It is only done when we have no other option. Critical status is assigned when our emergency fund has been depleted or about to be depleted. 

During fundraising, you may see an emergency fund % bar. We begin to display it once we've gone past 50% mark of the funds currently required to refill the fund. It shows % of a total funds raised. We need to hit 100% to come out of the Critical Funding status. 

Very Low status is assigned when our current funding is running low and we can see that we may have to dip into the emergency fund. It is not good news.

Low Status indicates that we are currently covering our maintenance fees and bills. We are making it, but only just.

OK status is like a unicorn, it comes so rarely it’s almost a myth. If you ever see that status it means that DAREBEE has been funded properly without any shortages this month. It is likely we even managed to set aside some money for future developments. Tears of joy are in the eyes of the team members, people are cheering in the streets, all is well in the world and humanity prospers! 

Every month, several times a month, we make predictions and monitor our financial situation to stay proactive and keep DAREBEE financially healthy and stable, keep it up and make sure its needs are met. The funding status at the bottom of the website is the way for us to communicate these needs.

What can I do to help?

There are several ways to donate to DAREBEE. 

One is to donate directly through PayPal, an online payment system. If you go to our “Support the Project” page you will see the options there. Once you click on either it will redirect you to PayPal payment page where you can enter your details. You don’t have to have an account with PayPal, you can donate using a debit or a credit card, PayPal simply processes the payment. We don’t see any of your details nor do we store them or have access to them in any way, they are all securely processed by PayPal - one of the most secure ways to pay online. If you don't like PayPal or you are having issues with it (it's not available for all countries), you can use DonorBox. It works exactly the same way PayPal does.

Another option is to use a direct bank transfer. We use WISE to process these payments. It's an excellent service and it works worldwide. Our bank details are listed on our "Support The Project" page. 

We also accept crypto currency: bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum and dogecoin . It’s extremely rare for anyone to donate using crypto but we keep it as an option. 

In addition to direct methods we also have paperbacks and apps you can purchase. None of the materials in either is any different from the materials already available here for free but it gives you an alternative way to donate to the resource if PayPal, Donorbox or crypto is not for you. 

You can buy a paperback (all paperbacks from DAREBEE are listed here) from any local bookstore or Amazon. The prices for the books are set by the bookstores, we don’t control them. You pay production cost, store fees & shipping - DAREBEE makes only $1 from each sale. It’s more expensive to buy a paperback and only a dollar goes back into the project but you get to own an actual DAREBEE book. Our paperbacks make nice gifts - and help more people discover DAREBEE offline.

Our apps are all free but you can always buy a paid version of the same one - we make roughly $0.50 from each one. 

I already donated, what else can I do?

If you already contributed what you could to the resource you can still help. The more people know about DAREBEE, the higher our chances to make it through the week, month, year. With every donation you vote for DAREBEE, and resources like DAREBEE, to be part of the internet of tomorrow. You decide whether we will be here a year or 10 years from now. You decide whether we vanish or stay and develop further. Your vote counts and it matters and with enough people casting theirs it will make a difference.

The more people find DAREBEE, the higher chances the resource has to make it and grow. Apart from telling your friends and family about it you can also help us spread the word through social media (Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook) and take a moment to leave a review on any of our apps or paperbacks. Highly rated apps and paperbacks allow more people to see them and find out about us. It will take you about 30 seconds to leave feedback but it will mean a more secure future for the DAREBEE resource. 


Thank you so much for supporting the resource and for making this place possible!