All of the workouts in the DAREBEE database are separated by type: strength, cardio, HIIT and combat; and can be sorted using the filter on the right hand side (at the bottom of the page on mobile). 

You can design and follow your own training plan or use one of the ready ones below.

Guardian Training Plan

Gladiator Training Plan

Assassin Training Plan

Amazon Training Plan

Fighter Training Plan

Ninja Training Plan

Spartan Training Plan

Viking Training Plan

Valkyrie Training Plan

Knight Training Plan

Runner Training Plan

PPL - Push Pull Legs Training Plan

What is casual training? 

Any type of exercise you can do throughout the day, jogging, sports and other daily activities all fall under “casual training”. By continuing to exercise but at a lower rate you will recover faster and keep the momentum going allowing you to stay on track and, eventually, make exercise a habit. It is a great way to stay active and get enough rest at the same time - unless of course you are too sore to move, then you need actual rest.

Aim to perform each workout at 100%, whatever that might be on the day. The only time you will see results is when you challenge yourself. If you feel like your workout is too easy or it is not pushing you enough and you still have energy left, up the difficulty by increasing the level or reducing the rest time between the sets. 

Begin each workout with a warmup and take advantage of the activation of your body and do a post-workout stretch. Use the workout database and filter for “Stretching” to find appropriate routines to finish your workout with. 

Additional Ab Work

Almost all DAREBEE workouts will engage your abdominal muscles - they all already include ab work. If you are not sure, check the muscle map underneath each workout poster for highlighted muscle groups to see if they include abs. If you do want to accent your abdominal muscles even more add an additional ab workout at the end of your training session 2-3 times a week. Use the database and filter for “Abs” for ab workouts. Ab workouts can be done during rest days and counted as casual training.